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Pickering Emulsion Group

Ph D projects

Starch nanocrystals for emulsion stabilisation - design of colloidal particles and the origin of their strong adsorption to the emulsion droplet interface
PhD student Hisfazilah Saari,
advisors Malin Sjöö, Marilyn Rayner, Marie Wahlgren
financing: Swedish Science Council   (Vetenskapsrådet)

Encapsulation and release properties of starch granule stabilized emulsion
PhD student Ali Marefati,
advisors Marilyn Rayner, Petr Dejmek
financing: Swedish Science Counsil (Vetenskapsrådet, VR)

MSc projects

§   Madeleine Eriksson (2013) Master thesis, KLT902, S, “Egg granule stabilized Pickering emulsions”.

§   Sara Pedersen (2012) Master thesis, KLG820, E, “Salad dressing stabilized by starch particles”

§   Ali Marefarti (2012) Master thesis, KLT920, S, “Drying of Pickering emulsions”

§   Katayoun Heravifar (2012) Master thesis, KLG920, E “Hydrolysis of starch for use in emulsification”

§   Diana Marku (2011) Master thesis, KLG920, E, “Pickering Emulsions for Topical Delivery”.