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Dairy Technology and Processing


The dairy group is working with research and education within dairy technology and processing. The dairy group is financed by a donation from Arla Foods, Tetra Pak, Skånemejerier, Norrmejerier and Dairy Sweden as well as research grants from national and international dairy industries and research foundations.



Dairy Research

The research focus on technological and processing aspects on milk and dairy systems, with main research areas within milk genomics, nutrition and health, structure of milk and dairy products as well as dairy processing.



Research interests:

- dairy technology, engineering and processing

- milk genomics – genetic markers for milk quality and functionality

- chemical/physical properties of milk components

- nutritional and bioactive milk components and human health effects

- milk component interactions and ingredient functionality

- protein denaturation, aggregation and gelation

- microstructure of dairy emulsions and dairy products

- adsorption, fouling and cleaning

- cheese, yoghurt, cream and powder technology and processing


Research is performed within these areas as PhD and post-doc projects as well as industrial assignments.



Dairy Education
Dairy education at Lund University provides a scientific background and fundamental knowledge of milk and dairy products from a chemical, physical and microbial point of view as well as traditional and new processes within the dairy industry. The education programme is divided into two courses:


- Dairy Technology (7.5 ECTS)

- Dairy Processing (7.5 ECTS)

The courses are aimed for participants from the dairy and food industry as well as undergraduate students at the M.Sc. program in Biotechnology at Lund University.


More information about dairy education at Lund University.




Cooperations and networks with academia and industry
The dairy group has extensive national and international cooperations with industries, universities, research institutes and authorities, both within research and education. The dairy group is also involved in many networks within dairy science and technology, milk genomics, dairy structures, food raw materials and processing technologies. Networks involve e.g.:

- International Dairy Federation (IDF)

- Mejeritekniskt Forum

The dairy group is also member in international scientific advisory boards for dairy industries and institutes.



Marie Paulsson



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Maria Glantz

Associate Professor


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Helena Lindmark Månsson

Adjunct Professor, Dairy Sweden


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