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The newly started research project RealHOPE aims to measure real-life events during drug handling to develop methods for simulating these events. The results of this project will aid the development of more robust protein drugs with increased safety for patients.

RealHOPE website. 

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EIT Food

EIT Food är Europas ledande initiativ för livsmedelsinnovation och arbetar för att göra livsmedelssystemet mer hållbart, hälsosamt och pålitligt.

EIT Foods webbplats (på engelska)

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FOODforce Network

FOODforce is a network of leading European research provider organisations active in the areas of food, nutrition and health. It recognises that members have broad remits, but share a common interest in multidisciplinary science. FOODforce provides a proactive forum for discussions on delivery of best practice and societal impact and facilitates international aspects of knowledge exchange and innovation, both within and outside the European Union.

FOODforce network's webbplats (på engelska)

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NextBioForm is a one-of-a-kind centre providing cutting edge research on industrially relevant issues for formulation and characterisation of biologically based drug products.

NextBioForm's webbplats (på engelska)

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Food Science Sweden

Livsmedelsteknik is part of Food Science Sweden, a national platform aimed at strengthening and visualising Swedish food science research.

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LiFT Graduate School

Within Food Science Sweden, the LiFT Graduate School is a national education and research network in food sciences with the aim to provide highly trained PhDs for the Swedish food industry.

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Open Lab Skåne

A partnership between Malmö University, Lund University and the SmiLe Incubator to promote innovation by providing students and researchers access to laboratories and experts within the field of Food Technology. The contact person is Ingegerd Sjöholm, Livsmedelsteknik.

Open Lab Skåne's website

A guided tour in the Pilot Hall - on YouTube

A guided tour in our labs - on YouTube

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LTH Open Door

Found within the Faculty of Engineering, LTH Lund University, Open Door is a programme to share hardware, equipment and expertise for innovation development.

LTH Open Door's website

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Skåne Food Innovation Network (Livsmedelsakademin)

Skåne Food Innovation Network focuses on how the region of Skåne, located in the south of Sweden, can be a leader in the national and international development of future food, drinks and meals.




Skåne Food Innovation Network's website 

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Dr Juscelino Tovar and Associate Prof. Anne Nilsson are members of FODIAC, a European multi/interdisciplinary consortium, with partners in 5 countries that pursues the development of an integrative solution to tackle type 2 diabetes and mitigate the cognitive dysfunction in the elderly population through functional foods.

FODIAC's website


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ScanOats is an Industrial Research Centre funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, integrating industrial needs with research in oat breeding, crop management, food processing, nutrition and food science. Associate prof. Anne Nilsson and Dr Juscelino Tovar and Associate prof. Frida Hållenius are involved in exploring health effects of oats.

ScanOats' website

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DISH, Global Center for Food Safety

DISH is a non-profit platform founded by four economies - Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong to foster European - Hong Kong/China - Asia Pacific to promote collaborations in food safety. 

Information about DISH on the website of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

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The goal of Swelife is to strengthen Life Science in Sweden and to improve public health. Associate Prof. Anne Nilsson is PI for a Swelife project, with the purpose to evaluate effects of specific pre- pro- and synbiotics on cardiometabolic risk variables. The project is a collaboration between LU, Öste Ventures 1 and ProPrev AB.

SWElifes webbplats

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EU project MEFPROC

Docent Federico Gómez Galindo, together with five other partners in the EU are investigating the application of electrotechnologies for improving sustainability in food processing.

MEFPROC's website

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Visions for a sustainable food system

One of the Pufendorf IAS Themes, this groups works to create a sustainable agriculture and food system that can feed and nourish a growing population while carefully managing the Earth’s resources.

More informaton about "Visions for a sustainable food system" on the website of the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies

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Gut Microbiome Laboratory

The Gut Microbiome Laboratory at Livsmedelsteknik focuses on modulation of the gut microbiota using tailored food concepts to prevent metabolic and inflammatory conditions. 

More information about the Gut Microbiome Laboratory in Lund University's Research Portal

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Mer information om Gut Microbiome Laboratory 
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