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Dairy Technology and Processing

The dairy courses at Lund University are given in cooperation with Arla Foods, Skånemejerier, Norrmejerier, Falköpings Mejeri and Tetra Pak. The aim is to give the participants deep knowledge of dairy technology and dairy processing. The following courses are offered:

Dairy Technology: Milk production, milk composition, chemistry of milk, microbiology of milk, physical properties of milk, quality control, hygiene, processing effects, rheology in dairy processing and nutritional aspects.

The course is offered as:

- Full course Dairy Technology (3 weeks; 7.5 ECTS)

- Subject block Dairy microbiology (3 days)

- Subject block Dairy chemistry (3 days)

Dairy Processing: Production technology and processing lines of consumer milk, fermented milk products, cheese, butter and spreads, milk powder and ice cream, process equipment, industrial hygiene, quality assurance, processing design, process calculations, packaging, legislation as well as milk and health.

The course is offered as:

- Full course Dairy Processing (3 weeks; 7.5 ECTS)

- Subject block Fermented milk processing (3 days)

- Subject block Cheese and butter processing (3 ½ days)

- Subject block Dairy processes and equipment (3 days)