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Our research covers experimental and theoretical areas to meet issues with relevance to the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other related areas, as well as system aspects of food production and consumption in society.

Research with products in focus

Food Technology, Food Chemistry and Formulation are areas that deal with the chemical description of molecular and colloidal properties, which illustrate relationships between biological processes, structure, and properties in composite systems such as food, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.

Research with processes in focus

Food and Dairy Engineering involve modeling, hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer, optimization and function evaluation that are needed to design and optimize unit operations, processes and technical systems for food production. Dairy technology also includes the functional properties of milk systems and its process impact in the dairy industry.

Research with humans in focus

Nutritional studies involve the impact of food components and diet on metabolism and other physiological functions of importance to human health. The health effects are studied in relation to the chemical and physical properties of food, as well as changes in the microflora of the intestine, composition and metabolism. Food hygiene, where the relationship between humans and microorganisms is in focus, addresses the benefits and risks created by microorganisms in our food.

Food chemistry, lab. Photo.
Food chemistry, lab. Photo.
Kemicentrum. Photo.